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Summer Heat

Ravaged Lands

Burnt Trees

And dried seas.

Cloudless skies

Scorched winds

Parched throats

And broken lives.

You are the wind that heralds summer’s end

You are the rain that gives hope to hope

The joy blooming amidst my depths of despair

And balm for this heart burnt in Hephaestus’ flames.

You are the water that quenches the land

You are the green that springs from trees deceased

The moon to my summer’s sun

And the light brightening up my vision black.

Your touch the resurrection of the parts of me that were dead

Your lips the elixir to my heart that’s aged

You are the petrichor restoring the green to a sea of dirt

You are the embrace of nature to a drained land.

Like the dark clouds bringing monsoon’s first kiss

Like the rambunctious thunder playing music for tired ears

You are the answer to the questions

I never knew I could have asked

You are the life to my life

That I never knew I could have lived.



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