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There’s a chill that goes through the air

The fall takes its last gasp

The birds brace for the cold to come

My heart anxious as the winter hours near.

The warmth of the summer long gone

The green of the rains now passed

It’s time for the winter king’s reign

It’s time for life to freeze and shatter.

Soon these streams will cease to flow

Soon these trees will be covered in white

Soon my hands will go numb without your touch

And my heart will slow in wait for the sun of your face.

The birds will fly off to lands afar

The creatures will lie buried in deep

The sound of life will go silent

And you my beloved will be a dream distant.

The cold winds will ravage the land

The biting chill will freeze the soul

The fire no match for the relentless storms

As winter extends his terrifying kingdom.

But in this darkness

In this doom

In these endless

Backbreaking nights.

Life will find a way my dear

And so will I

The trees will lie in wait for spring

And I in wait of your warm embrace.

Your summer face to give me hope

Your rain drenched shape to give me love

Your promise at the end of fall

Will carry my heart in the hope of spring.

Like the forest waiting to shoot up with flowers

Like the birds waiting to sing again in the skies

Like the streams waiting to shed its icy realm

Like life waiting to be alive again.

I too shall lie in wait of spring

I too shall lie in wait of your face

Of holding you in my arms

Of loving you until this frozen heart thaws.

As the winter rages fiercely around

As the ice freezes all on its path

As life scampers to see another day

The memories of you my beloved

Will carry me on, on and on.

Ashwini Udgata



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