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Hopeless and broken

I used to roam

In the vast expanses

Of some desert unknown.

Looking for hope

Looking for faith

Looking for someone

Who will carry me off.

I hoped against hope

I believed against belief

That somewhere someone,

Will make me halt.

Let me sit beside her,

And let me talk.

That somewhere someone,

Will make me halt,

In my destructive march,

Will uplift me

Will exalt me

Will unchain me

From these bonds

That I have made on my own.

I thought I had found you.

I thought you were the one.

The one,

Who will bring about my redemption.

For once, I had hope.

For once, I had faith.

For once, I believed

That miracles were real.

You brought me in.

You showed me the way.

You took me in your arms

Mending this broken heart o’ mine.

My journey was over,

That’s what I thought.

I had found an address,

That’s what I thought.

It seemed like

I had become whole.

It seemed like

I was finally free,

Free from the chains that bind me,

Free from the pains that plague me,

Free from the dreams that haunt me.

But then time rolled on,

And you moved on.

I was asleep,

And you were gone.

No trace, no warning,

And you just disappeared.

I searched and I searched,

I prayed and I prayed,

I screamed and I cried,

But of use, it was none.

Oft I wonder,

Were you even real,

Or just another mirage for this tired soul?

Just another flash in the pan?

Just another thing unreal?

I do not know,

And I think I may never.

For all I know,

Is that I am back to where I started from.

Still in chains

Still in pain

Hopeless and broken

I still roam,

In the vast expanses

Of this desert unknown. Ashwini Udgata First Published in 2016 on Wattpad



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