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As the wind blows by my side

I wonder

O Stranger, how have you been?


As the rain comes falling down

I wonder

O Stranger, how have you been?

When I feel the warmth of a fire late on a winter’s night

When I sense the joy of a flower at a spring’s dawn

When I gaze onto the full moon of a summer evening

When I sight the leaves yellowed by an autumn day

O Stranger

I wonder how have you been.

When the moon hangs low just before the day breaks

When I pull the blankets tighter on a cold cold night

When the mountains echo back the things that were said

When I look at those fields of lilies in full bloom

O Stranger

I wonder how have you been.

Do you still remember the feel of my hand through your hairs?

Do you still drift off back to those slow starry nights of us?

Do you still hear the sounds of dusk and recall that promise beneath the bridge?

Do you still see someone crossing you by and for a moment freeze in your steps?

The eons between us

The parsecs separating us

The silence stretching to eternity and beyond

The winter that has frozen over summer twice

But on those few days

The years just slip by

And you appear just like yesterday

In a random word heard down the street

In a specific song playing on the wireless

In a wordless melody of the thrush on a branch

In a monsoon sunrise caught over the clouds

I wonder

I wonder

O stranger, how have you been?

-Ashwini Udgata



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